Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random Flickr Blogging #8485

Sorry, couldn't get to RFBing yesterday. No method this time—just pure, unadulterated caprice.

Even more controversial was Brokeback Inlet. "Why can't I quit you?" "Ek ek screeeeeeee."
Sure, pedestrian accidents are up 37 percent since the city switched to the New Age crosswalk signs—but those who die, die feeling validated.
The Animal Planet version of Star Wars is a bit surreal for my taste. "Where are the plans?"
After the prom, at Inspiration Point, his friends would listen for the telltale honk! honk! that would tell them that Harpo Marx III had scored again.
He had put up with the poodle for three long years. He had put up with its incessant night-and-day yapping. He had put up with its shredding of his L.L. Bean slippers. He'd put up with the runny, odious "presents" it left on the shag carpet. He had been heroically patient. Then, one day, at an open-air market in Bali, the mechanism of his revenge presented itself at last. "I'll take 'em all."
Meanwhile, downriver from the Aguirre set, an entire South American tribe is mobilized to find Werner Herzog's lost contact lens.
The group was very supportive as Roger confronted his long-suppressed hostility toward whipped cream.
"I'm going to insert this now into ketchup. Watch me rock."
Meanwhile, y'know who'd be a humdinger at this captioning schtick? Atta Effing Turk, that's who.


Hilarious! Love Harpo III and the New Age traffic signal...and I'm always a sucker for a good Aguirre joke. ;-)
Aw...so Troy McClure finally found love!
Harpo III had me busting a gut. And I have to agree with Tom on Aguirre.

Brilliant... as expected.
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