Sunday, July 23, 2006

Random Flickr Blogging #4416; or, Like Clockwork

I'm sorry I missed Random Flickr Blogging last week; I was just too damned busy to cogitate much on it. Tom sent this week's number out early, though, so, anticipating another busy week, I decided to pounce on it today. To cut down on time spent wandering amidst Flickr pages looking for pictures that strike sparks, I used a method I've flirted with in previous weeks: I add the digits in the random number Tom supplies and keep adding until I get a single digit (this week, 4416 to 15 to 6); then, after the first page of search results, I go that many pages over to the next set of results, then that many to the next, and so on—for better or worse, I use only images found on those pages. As with "rules" in poetry, music, painting, etc., what one loses in freedom one (sometimes) gains in focus. Sometimes. This method makes Random Flickr Blogging more like traditional internet captioning (if such a thing can be called traditional), in which you have pretty much no control over the images you get to work with moment by moment—cap it or leave it, pretty much—which may be another reason I like it; I don't know. At any rate, here are the results for this week; I hope they're enjoyable. --nash

One day, a big Hollywood producer had (a) an ultralight crash and (b) an idea. "It's high time someone remade A Clockwork Orange," he thought. The exact relationship between the crash and the idea is still a matter of intense speculation.
Screen tests were soon conducted. Some were more believable....
...than others.
Eager to distance his remake from Kubrick's classic, the producer even auditioned a group of female wrestlers he'd met at a wedding. They might've worked out well, too, had "Dim" not caught the bouquet and soured on show business.
After blowing most of his budget on disappointing screen tests, the producer sought help from other investors; unfortunately, Donald Trump was busy making fajitas....
...and Jerry Bruckheimer's Swiss Army knife had just exploded.
The project finally collapsed after the screenwriter lost interest and went back to ghostwriting for that guy from Los Lobos. So it goes.

Random Flickr Blogging explained here; photos from here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


I like the idea of a Clockwork Orange remake! But not with this cast, please. Hmm. Who could do a decent job of Alex?
I can see it now: "Clockwork!" starring Ashton Kutscher, Seann William Scott, 50 Cent, and the Rock. From the people who brought you "Saw."

Quite a winner.
Interesting technique for selecting the pictures, especially when you tie them all together with a common idea. Sounds like maybe that should be a completely separate "Random Flickr-Blogging" challenge each week! ;-) Great stuff!
Nash, you are my Flickr Blogging hero.
I see Steve Buscemi as Alex, but they'd probably wind up casting Colin Farrell. He was just so believable in Alexander, y'see.

Yeah, so far I kinda like the restriction to a smaller set of images -- one way to do something with what's left is to find (or make) some theme that you can exploit -- and that adds an extra layer of fun, so far at least.
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