Friday, December 31, 2010

Daily Random Flickr Blogging, #7232

Well, I can now say that I have posted something every day for a year—even if only a bit of Daily Random Flickr Blogging. What an amazing colossal waste of time—though at least it was fun sometimes. I don't know what else to say—but I had to keep going because I wanted one more sentence with an em-dash in it. I'll stop now.

"Merde. Mon Dieu. Sacre blue. Royale avec fromage."
(Image originally uploaded by amiriouk; Random Flickr Blogging originally invented by Tom Hilton.)


Ya done good, nash! Thank you, and sorry I haven't been checking in more often, being mostly on dial-up these days. (My father seems to be almost constantly playing "Solitaire" on their faster, cable-connected about a waste of time). Also, just haven't felt teh funny this past year, as you can well imagine. Anyway, please don't give up!
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