Friday, November 12, 2010

I'll Never Look at Either One the Same Way Again

Dennis G. at Balloon Juice makes a connection between unctuous pseudo-Christian con man Ralph Reed and the infamous Andres Serrano photograph Piss Christ that damn near made me spew some of my own fluids all over the keyboard (emphasis mine):

Sister Wendy hits on the connection of Piss Christ to Ralph Reed. Now some might remember that Reed and his Christian Coalition used the controversy as a way to fund-raise and promote their organizations. They continued to beat their drums about Serrano and Mapplethorpe for over a decade and if pressed today you can be sure that they would bring it up again if it might help a few more rubes to transfer money from their pockets to Ralph and his cavalcade of grifters. While their endless con in the pursuit of power and wealth is of interest—it is Ralph’s deep anti-Christianity that really ties the little prick to Piss Christ.

For Ralph’s entire career he has been pissing on Christ, the teachings of Jesus, the notion of Christianity and anything of value that people of faith might hold dear. I’ve come to think of Serrano’s Piss Christ not as an image Chirst [sic], but rather a portrait of Ralph Reed and his twisted soul. It is Reed’s “Picture of Dorian Gray” as it were.

Reed should be in prison for his many crimes, but unlike his old pal Jack Abramoff, Ralph got a sulfur infused ‘get out of jail free’ card. And so, this professional grifter continues to run his con, pissing on Christ every chance he gets. In the run-up to the Election he was teaming up with old grifter pals like Dick Armey and Grover Norquist and new ones like the Quitta from Wasilla to run the scams he has been running for decades—to line their pockets and protect the powerful. And, as always, he claims Jesus even as he endlessly pisses on him.

I disagree with exactly none of that.

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