Monday, November 15, 2010

The Gaslight Tantrums

Today's Howler does a magnificent job of pointing out how the punditocracy's usual suspects are falling predictably into line re. the Catfood Commission—and dismissing its various left-leaning critics, such as, oh, a Nobel-Prize-winning economist, with scoffery and condescension rather than, you know, addressing their arguments. (See also Dean Baker.)

Bob remembers Ingrid Bergman in Notorious, but I can't help but think instead of her in Gaslight. The pundit class seems chock-full of Charles Boyers, clean and telegenic on the outside, mean and avaricious on the inside, trying to browbeat the reality-based into doubting their own reason.

I know that Ingrid Bergman wins in both cases, but dammit, we don't have her cheekbones.

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