Monday, October 11, 2010

Revealing and Pathetic

Those are digby's words for the deep-seated impulse that led Democrats to turn their backs on ACORN and kick out Shirley Sherrod rather than face, gosh, Republican complaints of "reverse racism"—and all because of video punkings by the likes of Andrew Breitbart. And now the email record confirms that the Obamanites did not bother to check out the context, see the full Sherrod speech, get Sherrod's side of the story, etc. before tugging their forelocks and rushing to do the Right's bidding.

As I've said before, the really incomprehensible thing is that nobody in this supposedly internet-savvy administration could apparently, you know, keep up with the work of an organization like Media Matters, which has compiled an extensive record which would lead any rational being familiar with it to conclude that everything associated with Breitbart must be looked at with great skepticism and checked carefully before being acted upon. How anyone in a Democratic administration could not be automatically skeptical about a story put out by Andrew Breitbart is beyond me.

You can bet that those in the upper reaches of the Republican hierarchy have no illusions about him.

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