Friday, October 22, 2010

Plainly, Technically, and Provably Fascist

Almost missed Tomasky's review of the Joe Miller the-press-is-as-free-as-I-say-it-is story:

So let's review:
1. Say that the First Amendment doesn't apply to you.
2. Hire a private security team (this joker needs a private security team? Sitting senators of many years don't travel with security teams).
3. Have them arrest a journalist who breaks your rules and thinks the First Amendment should apply to you.

This is plainly, technically and provably fascist. Hopfinger was released by the actual police, so no, it's not as if Miller can run the state as Miller sees fit, and no, that day will never come, so no, Alaska is not Germany 1934, and I'm not saying that. I'm talking about this behavior.

Yeah, well, "that day" is what I think most of these oligarchitarians really long for, so I wouldn't be letting that f-word get rusty if I were you.

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