Thursday, August 05, 2010

International Beer Day?

Well, then. Let me use the occasion to recommend Old Rasputin Imperial Stout:

"I may not go down easily, but it certainly will."

Quite possibly the single best beer I have ever tasted. The czars' private stash ain't private anymore!

On a trip to SF a few years ago I went down the coast highway and stopped at North Coast Brewing. This is only around 10% alcohol by volume. It will kick your ass!

I went into their pub and asked for a sampler (four three ounce beers), an empty cup and a glass of water. I wanted to try the beers, but I had a lot more driving to do that day, so I tasted, spit and rinsed. Then I went and bought the ones I liked.
There's one store around here that *occasionally* carries Old Rasputin. Dang stuff is expensive, but I swear, it really may be the best single beer I have ever tasted: it's big-bodied like Guinness but even richer in taste, and damn straight it's strong! I'm gonna have to watch for other stuff from North Coast Brewing now.
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