Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Words from a Veteran

Matt Osborne at C&L on the Not-a-Monument Not-a-Mosque Not-at-Ground-Zero hate object:

Which brings me back to my toes and my spine and the distance (or lack thereof) that lends excuse to the hatemongers. From the outer perimeter of the holier-than-thou-of-holies to 45 and 51 Park Place is almost exactly 99 strides at a marching pace, which makes me want to visit New York City and ask the haters if one more step is far enough for a disabled vet to pray in peace. Even if I'm not Muslim, I suffered injury defending the right of every American to pray (or not) as their god moves them (or not), and I will remain forever inflexible on this point.
As the son of a disabled vet who I'm sure would have felt the same damn way, I say "preach on, brother."

I salute you.

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