Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Taint

It's good that they're making nice with Shirley Sherrod again, but karoli is right: "There's no question that the administration walks out of this one with the taint of a Breitbart/Fox punking on them." And so does the mainstream media: When, oh when, will the recognize Andrew Breitbart for the journalistic fraud that he is? (But hey, it's all the NAACP's fault for provoking Breitbart in the first place, right? Blecch.) And so does the conservative media, for that matter:

At some point conservatives need to ask themselves about the larger meaning of this kind of conduct [i.e., the Daily Caller and its Journolist nonsense]—and Andrew Breitbart’s—for their movement. Beyond the ethics of lying and smear one’s opponents, I would think conservatives would worry about the fact that a large portion of conservative media is dedicated to lying to conservatives. They regard their audience as marks to be misled and exploited, not as customers to be served with useful information.
I hate to say it, but damn if the shoe doesn't fit.

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