Tuesday, July 20, 2010

President Breitbart

Y'know, if the Obamanoids are going to throw people to the wolves this easily, I'm not sure it matters all that much if the Republicans get their precious subpoena power back after the mid-terms. As digby notes:

They are telling wingnuts everywhere that all they have to do is gin up a phony controversy (especially about a black person, apparently) and the administration will fire them so as not to shake confidence that they are "fair service providers."

This is sheer cowardice.

And "political malpractice," and that's almost too kind. Did the Clinton years teach these people nothing? Have the last 18 months not given them ample evidence of just how cynical, nasty, and ruthless many in the right-wing power structure are? Did the Obama administration learn nothing about its opposition from the stimulus fight, the healthcare fight, the unemployment fight, etc.?

Watch out White House staffers, indeed. Your own boss just painted a big 'ol target on your backs.

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