Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The French Rooster Connection

The Big Picture has an awesome "infographic" that sums up how Glenn Beck and his loyal sponsor Goldline sucker people into buying overpriced gold coins that basically represent instant losses of investment wealth (h/t Media Matters). Ahem:

Despite Rep. Weiner's investigation, it is not illegal to overcharge customers. Everyone knows a $2,000 Fendi purse is a grossly overpriced fashion statement, but no one thinks of it as a good 'investment.' The problem is that Goldline is taking would-be gold investors and turning them into coin collectors without their knowledge. When the Glenn Beck version of the financial apocalypse cometh, the last thing you want to be holding is a bunch of antique French coins.
Big honking .jpg version here. How many of Beck's viewers do you suppose have already lost lots of hard-earned money to this sleazery? I swear, he makes Lonesome Rhodes look like Edward R. Murrow.

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