Sunday, July 11, 2010


I was catching up with Democracy Now! and realized that I'd almost missed a highlight of their coverage of the G20 mess up in Toronto a couple of weeks ago: a scorching speech by Maude Barlow that first lays out a harsh bill of particulars re. the ever-worsening ecologic/economic mess that is our world and then sums up the utter waste of time and space that is the typical international corporate elite kaffeeklatch:

The declarations have already been drafted, the failures already spun. Instead, this global royalty who have more in common with one another than they do with their own citizens and they are here really to advance the issues and interest of their class are also here just to advance the status quo that serves the interest of the elite in their own countries and the business community or the B-20, the new term, a community that will get private and privileged access to advance their free market solutions to these eager leaders. The agenda is more of the bad medicine that made the world sick in the first place. Environmental deregulation, unbridled financial speculation, unlimited growth, unregulated free trade, relentless resource exploitation, tax cuts for the wealthy, cuts to Social Security and a war on working people. In other words, savage capitalism.
Listen. Read.

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