Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Random Flickr Blogging, #0472

Alas that Confuse-a-Cat has yet to open a branch office in Trondheim.
(Image originally uploaded by Ami & Papa Photos; Random Flickr Blogging originally invented by Tom Hilton.)


Fetch the funny things!

(One can clearly take the capping away from the man, but one can never take the man away from the capping. Or something deep and meaningful like that.)

Love to Nash from Julie!
Hi, Julie! Love back atcha!

Yeah, ain't much at my crappy blog but DRFBing, but dangit, I post one of those a day, and occasionally, they're even funny.

If ye be in search of old-style capping, go to HCC (http://www.hipsoda.com/caption/) or IS (http://www.lustforlunch.com/is/). If old Caption This! was Meet the Beatles, they're Rubber Soul and/or Revolver, at least.
So the million-dollar question:

Which one is Yellow Submarine?

Will definitely check these out!
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