Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Apt, All Too Apt

I loves me a good simile:

Oblomova, in the comments to a post at Rumproast, says:

Honestly, I think it’s time to start trying out the meme that “The GOP loves America the same way your creepy stalker ex-boyfriend loved you. If they can’t have their country, no one can—and if you try to leave, they’ll throw acid in your face, kill your cat, and burn down your house.”

I don’t think that’s particularly hyperbolic—Republicans have made it clear in the past year and a half that if they can’t govern the country, they’re going to render it ungovernable. I think their behavior seems very literally sociopathic.


Completely agree; however, I keep hearing more and more noise from the professional noise machines that say that their particular brand of obstinacy and destruction may pay off this coming November, and that they could take back the House and/or Senate.

Could that really be possible? I'm aghast and more than a little bit afraid.
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Murder suicide in the burned out home of that nice white couple in the exurbs who normal!
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