Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not the Egg Man, Either

People, people, people: much though I admire the puns, I must point out that the kitschy mail receptacle in #7846 is not a walrus; it's a manatee. Manatee mailboxes are not, thankfully, as common as they might be around these parts, but one does find them here and there. Viz.:

Just be thankful I can't find my pictures of the one where the manatee is making a maniacally happy face that seems to follow you as you drive by and then haunts your dreams. When Nietzsche warned about staring into the abyss, he might have had that one in mind. Brrrr.

I thought it was probably a manatee, but then I saw a pic of a walrus that looked pretty close to it, and I figured I had to go with the bad pun.
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