Thursday, April 22, 2010

PBS Continues to Disappoint

Man, what happened to Frontline? Now they're not only excising single-payer advocates from the discussion of health care reform, they're carefully editing 'em into public option supporters. Furthermore,

This is not the first time that Frontline has decided that a conversation about healthcare reform should exclude single-payer from the discussion. The March 31, 2009 Frontline special Sick Around America avoided discussions of national healthcare plans. This omission led Frontline correspondent T.R. Reid--who had hosted a previous Frontline special (4/15/08) that examined various public healthcare models-- to withdraw from the project.

PBS ombud Michael Getler agreed with those who thought the show missed a chance to discuss single-payer. It looks like the program has done so again.

In other news, remind me again why anyone reads Newsweek?

"We're secretly switched Frontline with Ersatz Brothers Frontline. Let's see if anybody will notice..."

(Look for the can in the plain brown can!)
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