Friday, April 09, 2010

Eyes in the Sky

Is it a bad sign when you've gone most of your life hardly ever seeing a police helicopter and then, three times within three months, you find one orbiting your neighborhood?

Back in January we had one circling overhead for a good half-hour—and a streetful of police cars as well—as the cops chased some guy who'd abandoned a vehicle and taken to ground on a nearby street. A few weeks ago we had one circling the neighborhood just south of here; we never learned what that was about. And then, before dawn this morning, I was awakened by the unmistakeable roaring chop-chop-chop again circling nearby. We don't know the cause of that bit of excitement, either, but at least it didn't last long; the chopper vanished right after I got up to take a look.

I do not like where this trend is heading.

Black helicopters! Socialist, Communist, Kenyan black helicopters!
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