Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Day in Pithy Phrases

It wasn't much of an April Fool's Day for me otherwise, but I must say that I ran across some magnificent phraseology on the intertubes today.

First, Michael Tomasky dismissed pedophilia apologist Bill Donohue as "an identity politics ambulance chaser." (Honorable mention goes to P.Z. Myers: "Donohue is resorting to arguing that because a 13-year-old had pubic hair, he had the full autonomy of an adult and the abuse of the priest was simply a love affair between equals. And that is bullshit.")

Second, Jon Chait wrapped up a piece on the Nate Silver dissection of rightthink-tanker Veronique de Rugy (h/t Krugmeister) with this most trenchant observation: "There are hundreds of people like her in Washington, most of them conservative, living well-compensated lives of pure ideological hackery."

I think we just found a title for Elizabeth McCaughey's memoir.

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