Friday, April 09, 2010

Daily Random Flickr Blogging, #2769

His previous owner should've warned you that your Petsmart account would be wasted on the aptly named Ecclesiastes.
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"And I say unto you verily: the more that you spend upon a feline's toy, the less she will like it."
When I was growing up in SoCal, I distinctly remember when police helicopters first came into vogue in the LA area. Pomona, where I lived, had their first one or two when I was about 13. We used to delight in going outside at night and shining flashlights at them to get their attention. They would soon hover over us and shine their spotlights down -- at which point we would give them the finger and very often moon them as well. Of course, being kids in well-known (to us) neighborhoods, we had long run away through someone's back yard and an alley or two before any patrol cars could get there.

Now that sort of thing gets you arrested pretty quickly.

I'm very thankful that SF -- nor any city in the Bay Area that I'm aware of -- does not have police helicopters in their authority arsenal. Not yet, anyway.
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