Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toles, Sunday

There's ironic juxtaposition, and then there's ironic juxtaposition that jams a cattle prod right into your brain. Ow!

That is definitely one of the most magnificently hard-hitting political cartoons I have ever seen. It's being a good week for hard-hitting cartoons, actually; see also "Health Care Reformageddon!"

(I think it would be even better, though, with the "decades of abusive priests" removed; just clericalize the garb a bit more, and I can't believe anyone would miss the reference. That label makes the point needlessly obvious, I think, especially for the gifted Toles. And the qualifier "decades" doesn't really help to make the cartoon a little less controversial, if that was the intention, at least judging by the comments: shame, shame, the liberal media attacks the Church at Easter, it's a sign of Marxism, etc. etc. Bah.)


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