Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fresh Hell Saturday

So I get up early on Saturday to grade some papers, get some exercise, etc., and almost the first thing my computer tells me is that while I slept so peacefully there was a monster 8.8 earthquake in Chile which has triggered a tsunami that's moving its way across the broad Pacific, putting far-off Asia on alert, triggering advisories up the North American Pacific coast, and inspiring a tsunami warning in Hawaii, where the first wave is expected to hit around 4 pm Eastern time. They're predicting waves in Hawaii around 6 feet, which sounds bad enough but which I guess could be much, much worse, especially with little or no warning. What a thing to be waiting for on a Saturday.

My thoughts go out to everyone affected by this already and everyone still waiting to feel its effects. May they be as minimal as the universe will allow.

Looks like the most minimal of effects from the tsunami, nash, fortunately. Also, only hundreds lost, instead of what could have been thousands from the earthquake. Just though read that a prison in Chile was cracked open and the inmates looted the local town.

Earth shows a bit of mercy but of course humans don't.
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