Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chatterbox Shuffleboard

So: NBC is going to pay Conan O'Brien around $32 million to go away—so it can give The Tonight Show back to Jay Leno?

NBC actually places that kind of value on Jay Leno?

Does Leno actually make them that much money?

Does he have pictures of somebody or something?

Was Bill Hicks right about him making an, um, deal with the Devil?

(WARNING: Absolutely, positively not safe for work. And possibly anywhere else. h/t Dennis Perrin)

Admittedly, I'm rarely up at that hour and hardly ever see late-night TV, so perhaps the value of this exchange of one professionally genial chatterbox for another is lost on me. But $32 million to go away—to make room for Jay Leno? Sometimes, the corporate media is not only shallow, annoying, and irresponsible; it's also baffling.

I really have nothing against Jay Leno. There was a time, long ago, when I thought he was funny.

Conan O'Brien, while not funny all the time, has flashes of brilliance that are amazing comedy.

The biggest culprit in this whole thing is the talking heads at NBC, who apparently wouldn't know good programming if it bit them on the ass.

I think that this will effectively kill the Tonight Show.
Yeah, I don't really hate the guy either -- I mean, his job is basically to be amusing yet inoffensive, a nice domesticated comic, and he does that reasonably well -- I just can't figure out why he's considered so valuable.
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