Friday, January 08, 2010

Five Figures and a Private Jet?

Michael Tomasky notes some speculation about how much bling Sarah Palin is getting for her upcoming appearance at the first national tea-party convention—and what is known about how much Glenn Beck charges.

Jeebus. Socrates and/or Immanuel Kant could come back from the dead, and I don't think they'd deserve $60-$70K and a private jet. (Nor, I'm sure, would they think of asking for such.) What on Earth could people like Beck or Palin say, what kind of wisdom could they share, that would merit such a payday? Or is this just some kind of accepted reward for occupying the particular niches they've carved out for themselves in the reigning media-political ecosystem?

Like John Dolan said: Millionaires and suckers.

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