Friday, January 01, 2010

Daily Random Flickr Blogging, #3707

Happy New Year!

Let's see if we can't get this going again for the new year and keep up the spirit for awhile. Method: I use a random number generator to get a list of 4-digit numbers; for each day, I go to Flickr and search on "IMG_####" (using whatever the day's number is). I look at the first page of results; if I so desire, I roll a virtual die, take whatever number comes up, go that many pages over to a new page, and look at those results—repeating as desired until I have something I think I can work with (or until I give up in frustration and decide to work with whatever I've got). I then try to come up with a caption, funny or otherwise, for at least one of the images. Eventually I might try tightening the rules—using another die roll to restrict the number of pages I'm allowed to look at, for example, and cursing the randomness gods when I get stuck with a single page of uninspiring photos—but let's start the new year a little more downtight, shall we?

Snake charmers and their snakes really should take separate vacations. "The view on this side is even better. C'mon, take a look." "Sssssssss." "I swear, you can see almost all the way to Crete." "SsssSSSSssss." "Fine. Be that way." *pout*
(Image originally uploaded by from_the_sky; Random Flickr Blogging originally invented by Tom Hilton.)


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