Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Christmas Sweatfest

Of all the things I read online over the holidays, this victim's guide to Glenn Beck's The Christmas Sweater massively (un)popular super simulcast event stands out.

My wife knew little of Glenn Beck before this show. She left the theater genuinely terrified.
The first commenter at IMDB offers what is perhaps the most awesomely underwhelming recommendation I have ever seen:
This man has a very dark soul and it is all on the screen - paranoia, death, fear, weirdness. I don't know who they expect to see this film (not really a film). It comes from a kid's point of view, but it is way to dark for kids. It is way to juvenile for any adult I know. I guess if you like last part of Old Yeller, you might like this.
Ouch. Seriously, read the True/Slant piece if you haven't. Beck's tour de farce sounds like it might give even The Star Wars Holiday Special a run for its money.

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