Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jules Hiatus from Hiatus Flickr Blogging

Allow me to take a hiatus from my hiatus long enough to do some Happy Birthday Flickr Blogging (#1205) for my friend jules and to thank her for turning me on to the CraneCam. Have a great one, jules.

I got you this because I know how much you like David Bowie.

Young equestrian
Young equestrian
She was a YOUNG equestrian

Truly rare: Lance Armstrong's disappointing screen test for Miller's Crossing.

"Where the f*** is he, Joel?"
"I don't know, Ethan."

Y'know, nothing says "multiculturalism" to me quite like watching Buddhist nuns try to solve a Mickey's Big Mouth rebus.
My favorite moment in VH-1 Storytellers: Kraftwerk is when the guys realize that the producers have gotten them completely confused with Tangerine Dream.
The Audobon Society's The Brothers Karamazov is better than the Shatner/Basehart version but admittedly takes a while to get going.
Gran Telescopio Milimétrico is great for stargazing, but do NOT try the Event Horizon Nachos. Ouch.
Happy Birthday! To celebrate, by all means roll your own! Cat, that is.


ROTFLMAO...thanks, nash! Now back to rolling cats and watching cranes.
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