Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thousands of Words and Then Some

Via the magic of RSS, I'm trying to keep up more with the ever-insightful Sam Smith at Progressive Review, not least because he often passes along undernoticed treasures like this: a powerful photo essay on the Great Depression (warning: graphics-heavy).

Speaking of great photos, the good Generik has been getting noticed, oh yes he has. And well he should. I still haven't had one of his pop up in my Daily Random Flickr Blogging results, but I eagerly await the day. (It's funny how there are certain people you see all the time on page one of random Flickr results: this guy, for example, and this one, and this one. I have a hunch that Generik'll be on that list before long.)

Thanks for the kudos and links, nash! I hope you find one of my photos in your RFB searches soon.

(And speaking of people who pop up a lot, have you noticed Juan Tomas in that category? I used to see his name a lot, often with multiple submissions of the same picture.)
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