Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not a Place I Would Want to Drop Acid

I was poking around over at Dennis Perrin's place and found an interesting post about the new memoir of former Saturday Night Live writer and Al Franken partner Tom Davis, who apparently was quite into teh drugs—as, apparently, was the rest of SNL, once upon a time, anyway. This bit in particular stood out:

Despite the human wreckage that Davis recounts, it was drugs that inspired SNL's most identifiable characters: The Coneheads. Davis and Dan Aykroyd traveled to Easter Island where they ate acid and soaked in the giant stone heads staring off into eternity. "The Heads! The Heads!" Aykroyd kept saying, and soon he and Davis turned these visions into what remains one of SNL's strangest creations. The physical impact of the giant skulls combined with Aykroyd and Davis' conceptual, mechanical dialogue instantly set The Coneheads apart. Though Davis contributed to other classic SNL moments -- Aykroyd's Julia Child bleeding to death perhaps the most memorable -- and performed a number of great Franken and Davis bits, The Coneheads are perhaps his true comic legacy.
I must say that, knowing what actually happened on Easter Island, I will not be able to find "consume mass quantities" funny ever again.

Perhaps someday New York’s skyscrapers will stand derelict and overgrown with vegetation, like the temples at Angkor Wat and Tikal.

30 Rock rhymes nicely with Angkor Wat!
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