Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daily Random Flickr Blogging, #9376

Catching up: this is for Thursday. Sure, it was the 200th birthday of Lincoln and Darwin, the 205th deathday of Immanuel Kant, and, perhaps most underappreciated of all, the 72nd birthday of Joe Don Baker, but all I've got for the occasion is a cheap joke about Ann Coulter. Call it The Descent of Nash.

Sarah Michelle Gellar IS Ann Coulter in Not Without My Adam's Apple. Next on Lifetime.
(Image originally uploaded by Craig Stephen; Random Flickr Blogging invented by Tom Hilton.)


Heh heh... the Not Without My... meme lives on!
Yes, I stole that from one of your old caps. I don't remember who was in it, but the movie was Not Without My Percodan. A classic!
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