Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekly Random Flickr Blogging, #1515: Lobbyist Fred Thompson Flickr Blogging

I was thinking about this post by RFB inventor Tom Hilton as I perused the results for this week's number. Tom is right: rather than let the media get away with painting Fred Thompson as the simple, guileless, aw-shucks, down-home good-old-boy that he pretends to be, let's hang the fact that for much of his adult life he's been a slick, well-connected big-bucks skirt-chasing Washington lobbyist around his neck like a big Glenfiddich-reeking albatross. Ah say, ah say, that's Lobbyist Fred Thompson yer talkin' about, son </leghorn>.

If elected, Lobbyist Fred Thompson promises to keep scary black cats from crossing our national path. Oooooh, scaaaaary.
Sure, in a baseball context this might mean "fastball," but trust me—you don't wanna know what it means in this context. After decades as a Washington insider, though, you can bet that Lobbyist Fred Thompson does.
Don't worry: Lobbyist Fred Thompson also knows a thing or two about putting harnesses on women.
"I bet I'd have a clearer view of that butt if Lobbyist Fred Thompson were president."
Lobbyist Fred Thompson's position on evolution is not clear—but the part about spreading genetic material around seems right up his alley.
"Hey, look: Lobbyist Fred Thompson is getting married again next door."
Yes, the nation's two-year-olds all agree: Lobbyist Fred Thompson is the best thing since strained peas.
(Images originally uploaded by Erik Bourget, kristine111, ryanandbecca, jamileslie, brex,, and angelaben28; Random Flickr Blogging invented by Tom Hilton.)


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