Monday, June 25, 2007

Read That Script, Howie

So Howie "The Ho" Kurtz can't wait to flog an MSNBC report that shows that—gasp!—125 of 144 journalists gave money to Democrats, thereby giving Michael Medved a chance to wave his hanky in dismay and wail "oh, the liberal bias." Never mind Any excuse to read that "liberal media" script is a good one, huh, Howie?

Actually turned off Nina Totenberg in mid-sentence this morning as she was reporting on the latest SCOTUS atrocities, and put it on the classical music station so I didn't kill my radio. That this country has gone the way of "The Tin Drum" seems to completely escape "liberal media" like NPR. *sigh*
"CNN: Just Lie Beck And Think of England."
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