Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daily Random Flickr Blogging, #8387

Steve Reich: adventurous theorist; groundbreaking composer; occasional party clown.
(Actually, this PASIC thing looks pretty interesting.)

(Image originally uploaded by vitalphotography; Random Flickr Blogging invented by Tom Hilton.)

Bonus: Because how often will you see THIS?

Well, that's vastly preferable to kissing...um, other things of his.
(Image originally uploaded by peterpansyracuse.)

Bonus bonus: Help me out with this one:

Warning! Moray eels suffer from severe peanut allergy?

Warning! Sockeye salmon prefer tablets to gelcaps?

Warning! Do not score bennies for Kermit no matter how much he begs?

(Image originally uploaded by fionasriley.)

Add suggestions if you've got 'em.


Don't sedate the fish?
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