Friday, June 29, 2007

Daily Random Flickr Blogging, #8211

There's such a thing as waiting too long for the "facts of life" speech. "He's going to do WHAT with his WHAT tonight?"
In other news, I have to drive 20.3 miles if I want to see Sicko on opening day. Oh, the nearby corporate conglomomegatheaters have plenty of room for Fantastic Four and Bruce Willis and Spider-Man and Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean and—oh my God, is that really Nancy Drew I see? Ye gods. Nope, no place nearby is opening Sicko 'til next week. Meanwhile, Michael Moore was on The Daily Show the other night and mentioned that he'd been all set to do a whole hour with Larry King—but was bumped for Paris Hilton. There's an anecdote that kind of defines the whole corporate media problem in a nutshell, huh? It looks like King is scheduled to have Moore on tonight, but hey, who knows what Lindsay Lohan or Courtney Love might get up to in the meantime?

"Can't talk. I'm off to Larry King Live for an hour of lean and leer."
Moore is also scheduled for NOW tonight. Definitely a more reliable booking.

(Images originally uploaded by timandfee and Milk & Strawberries; Random Flickr Blogging invented by Tom Hilton.)

P.S. CNN poll: "Which Michael Moore film is your favorite?" The last option, "He's too biased for me," is scoring right around 33%. One third, one third...where have I see that before?


Oh, thanks for the heads up re: Mike on Bill Moyers!
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