Sunday, June 24, 2007

Daily Random Flickr Blogging, #7808

This may look like con-ga
But it's really no-ot
It is really a hom-age
To the Dance of Death Scene
From Bergman's
Seventh Se-al
A very famous art film
It stars Max von Sy-dow
He plays chess with De-eath
I found the film bor-ing
But these people liked it
So did Roger E-bert
Yadda yadda yad-da...
(Image originally uploaded by Magic Jochen; Random Flickr Blogging invented by Tom Hilton.)

Bonus: The Python fans out there will understand why I couldn't resist this one.

This is actually quite subdued for a Hazel Pethig family reunion.
(Image originally uploaded by Cholwell Hall.)

P.S. There are some wonderfully Pythonesque anecdotes in that little article about the woefully underappreciated Hazel Pethig:

"Once, the team asked for a polar bear costume for a sketch, which was very difficult to get hold of, and we couldn't hire one. So we had to use a gorilla suit instead. They were very good about it, but it was clear they'd have preferred the polar bear."


The most uncooperative of the group has, nevertheless, always been John Cleese. "Squeezing John into costume was difficult for me. He didn't like wearing costumes, and he didn't like wearing beards and moustaches. [On Python,] he used to puff himself up like a bullfrog so his costumes wouldn't fit. He'd say 'Look, I can't wear it, it doesn't fit.' I had to pummel him until he fit into the costume."


Loved both of the pictures, but Hazel Pethig's family portrait is the best ever! Plus the thought of her pummeling John Cleese makes me smile.
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