Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cartoon Nutwork

I've seen some lame editorial cartoons in my time, but I've rarely seen one scrawled this full of distortions, obsessions, and resentments:

Ah, yes, the awful liberal media—you know, the one that helped to sell the country on Bush's disastrous war and that can't be bothered to mention that, oh, by the way, some Republicans have been talking to those awful, awful Syrians, too. Ah, yes, "Gore's inconvenient truth" is opposed to "objective truth"—so opposed that knowledgeable climate scientists say that Gore's film got the science right. Ah, no—regulating greenhouse emissions might mean that we pay more for gas and cars! Everybody knows that we should only pay for more stuff like fancy coffee and clothing with celebrities' names attached—not for stuff that might, you know, keep us from irreparably damaging the very ecosystems on which we depend for our existence. That would just be silly.

It's like scientists managed to plug a cable directly into Chuck Asay's snarling, resentful, troglodyte id—and a cartoon popped out, conveniently bypassing all the higher cognitive centers associated with critical thought: Liberal media! Treehuggers! Gubmint regulatin' bidness! Damn dirty hippies! Yarrrgh! *hack* *splutter*. Had this actually happened, the result would at least have been scientifically interesting. The fact that, instead, someone actually took the time to marshal and draw out this collection of myths, delusions, and clichés is just...sad.



"Yew kids get offa mah lawn and stop yer SMOOCHING!"


Seriously, from what I hear the Kids (school children) are picking up on what their elders have been doing as far as trashing their planet, and THEY ARE PISSED. This "cartoonist" is simply another chimp dead ender.
Chuck Asay is perhaps the worst offender among editorial cartoonists when it comes to getting the truth of a situation exactly wrong. He's 180 degrees off in just about every cartoon he draws. I actually engaged him in a bit of email exchange a few years back over a cartoon he drew that depicted the horrible lib'rul media focusing intently on minor Republican scandals while ignoring huge Democratic crimes and misdemeanors. (...I know!!!) And this after Bush took office and the Clinton impeachment! His disingenuous reply, when I pointed out the incongruity of his premise, was simply, "Well, I guess you and I see things a little differently."

Lame. Lame, misguided and completely unreachable.
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