Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Anyone who's swallowed rat poison or eaten at Arby's or something and needs to induce vomiting could do worse than to check out "Iraq and the Media: A Critical Timeline," another invaluable service from the good folks at FAIR. Even if your stomach is empty, this lengthy overview of the media's performance in 2002-3 will make you wretch spiritually. Who can forget such golden oldies as this?
January 31, 2003 —Noted on the website cursor.org:
An AP story that most news outlets headlined "Saddam, al-Qaida Would Be Unusual Allies," becomes "Nightmare Scenario: Iraq, Al Qaeda Linked" at FOXNews.com.
Or this?
February 25, 2003 —MSNBC cancels Donahue, its top-rated show and a rare oasis of war skepticism in the mainstream media. An internal NBC report surfaces (All Your TV) that describes him as "a difficult public face for NBC in a time of war." The report worries that his show could become "a home for the liberal antiwar agenda at the same time that our competitors are waving the flag at every opportunity."
Or these?
March 19, 2003 —U.S. and coalition forces begin bombing Iraq.

—The Chicago Tribune reports on pro-war rallies organized by radio giant Clear Channel: "In a move that has raised eyebrows in some legal and journalistic circles, Clear Channel radio stations in Atlanta, Cleveland, San Antonio, Cincinnati and other cities have sponsored rallies attended by up to 20,000 people. The events have served as a loud rebuttal to the more numerous but generally smaller anti-war rallies." The piece goes on to note that Clear Channel's rallies "are the idea of Glenn Beck, a Philadelphia talk show host whose program is syndicated by Premier Radio Networks, a Clear Channel subsidiary." In 2006, Beck would be rewarded for his efforts with a nightly show on CNN Headline News.

—NBC's Matt Lauer explains the multi-million-dollar press briefing room in Qatar "is all to help the US military make sure they get their side of the story out because their fear, of course, is, Tom, that Iraq will distort the story and turn public opinion against the United States, the coalition forces."

Ah, Glenn Beck. Those few moments on his knees down at the crossroads sure paid off big for him, huh?

Read it all. But keep a bucket handy when you do.

Beck will be presently fellating Satan's cock in Hell...
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