Monday, November 13, 2006

More Good News

John Nichols:
What will be the largest of the ideological caucuses in the new House Democratic majority?

Why, of course, it must be the "centrists" affiliated with the Democratic Leadership Council's "New Democrat Coalition." Yes, that's got to be the case because all the commentators at the Wall Street Journal keep saying that centrists were the big winners on Tuesday.

Er, no.

Well, then, it must be the more conservative Democrats who identify themselves as "Blue Dogs." Surely, that's the answer because all the folks on Fox News keeping talking about them.


The largest ideological caucus in the new House Democratic majority will be the Congressional Progressive Caucus, with a membership that includes New York's Charles Rangel, Michigan's John Conyers, Massachusetts' Barney Frank and at least half the incoming chairs of House standing committees.

Not that Nice Polite Radio will ever notice.

Nice Polite Radio *finally* had Conyers on this morning, but it was firmly in an annoying, nanny-baiting context of "with power, comes responsibility." Interesting, 'cause you know when Chimpy and his thugs had a monopoly on power, they couldn't give a damn.
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