Sunday, September 10, 2006

With Enemies Like These...

My favorite detail from today's Times story about disagreements between the spooks over how to interrogate Abu Zubaydah:
In his early interviews, Mr. Zubaydah had revealed what turned out to be important information, identifying Khalid Shaikh Mohammed—from a photo on a hand-held computer—as the chief planner of the Sept. 11 attacks. Mr. Zubaydah also identified Jose Padilla, an American citizen who has been charged with terrorism-related crimes.

But Mr. Zubaydah dismissed Mr. Padilla as a maladroit extremist whose hope to construct a dirty bomb, using conventional explosives to disperse radioactive materials, was far-fetched. He told his questioners that Mr. Padilla was ignorant on the subject of nuclear physics and believed he could separate plutonium from nuclear material by rapidly swinging over his head a bucket filled with fissionable material.

Hey, whoever out there's making yet another X-Men film: I think we found you a new mutant:

Centrifuge. I see Ron Perlman sped up to several thousand revolutions per second. You?

Kind of gives new life to old expression, "Sit on this and rotate."
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