Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Non-Random Flickr Blogging #0911

I know that Tom said no Random Flickr Blogging this week, but contemplating the awful things that happened five years ago yesterday, and the many, many awful things that have happened since, put me in a very bad mood. To assuage my inner darkness, I searched up IMG_0911 and chose pages 9 and 11.

True story: the intellectual forefather of modern Islamic radicalism, Sayyed Qutb, was radicalized in part by watching American kids dance to the charming old big-band song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" back in 1949. We can only imagine what might have happened if instead the song had been Love Slave From The Outer Abyss's version of "Cunnilingus College."
Yes, when the Islamofascists take over, the statues will be breastless and have full, assertive arms, thank you very much.
And women won't be marrying lanterns anymore, either. And if one does, she'll take his name, thank you very much.
And only boys will be allowed to straddle cannons. No, wait—only girls will be allowed to straddle cannons. No—boys and girls will have to straddle cannons separately. No—um, get back to me on this one.
"Celebrity Duets! Make it stop!" Don't worry—that's high up on the Islamofascist wish list, my friend.
That's the spirit! If only more kids would get with the program like Osama Bin Schnookums here.


Hilarious! Hell, if the Islamofascists promise to cancel American Idol, I'll join the jihad!
Great, nash!! I love the "Celebrity Duets" one ... and "Osama bin Schnookums." LOLOLOLLL!!
Best 9/11 tribute I've seen yet.
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