Monday, June 26, 2006

Random Flickr Blogging #4580

Sorry, folks; I'd hoped to do more posting last week, but we had a death in the family, with attendant disruptions to best-laid plans. The death was neither unexpected nor entirely unwelcome—an elderly aunt who had been suffering with inoperable cancer and other problems for some time—but it does complicate matters for her surviving husband, my uncle, who is no spring chicken himself and who's needed some help from us younger folks. (He's quite a guy; I should tell you some of his stories some time. For example, he spent several months of World War II as part of a small observation team on a tiny island in the Bismarck Archipelago, monitoring Japanese air traffic, making friends with the local headhunters, and getting strafed periodically by Zeros.) We've got a visitation, a funeral service, and the long trip over to Florida National Cemetery and back still to look forward to, so for now, here's some quick Random Flickr Blogging. Oh, and if you need something to do, you could do worse than check out The Nation's 10th Anniversary National Entertainment State issue, complete with a humongous downloadable chart (PDF) that graphically captures the increasingly incestuous cluster-f*ck that is the corporate media system in all its obscene glory.

And now, without further ado,

"We are agreed, then: best two out of three; loser gets the crappy orange paintings."
As happens with many new projects, enthusiasm soon waned and membership soon dwindled at the East Peoria North by Northwest Reenactors Society.
The morning after the ontological shift dawned crisp and clear. At the Sylvan Hills Country Club, morning golfers were bemused to find a flock of envivified lawn flamingos refreshing themselves at the first water hazard. The calm was soon shattered by a troupe of rampaging garden gnomes, however, and after them, with ruthless efficiency, the lawn jockeys set about avenging decades of indignities.
Random Flickr Blogging explained here; photos from here, here, and here.

Be back later this week, I hope.


Condolences and safe driving.
Sorry to hear about the death in the family. Even expected, it still must be hard.
My sympathies, nash. Look forward to reading some of your uncle's stories in greater detail.
My condolences to you and your family.

You know, I almost chose the girl playing pool photo for my own random flickr blog today.
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