Monday, June 05, 2006

Random Flickr Blogging #1399

"Thank you all for coming, and I apologize again for the Power Point problem. My brother usually handles the computer stuff for me, but he couldn't be here today because he's a little Sikh." *polite laughter* "Thank you. Now, I wonder if any of you are already familiar with the principles of Total Quality Management...."

Random Flickr Blogging explained here; picture courtesy here.

In other news, today is Bill Moyers's 72nd birthday! Here's some reading in honor of the occasion:


Nice pun...jab.
That's not funny, that's...oh, I guess that pun has been used already.
I almost used that picture myself! Good thing I didn't, or everyone would already be Sikh and tired of it.

I laughed (politely or otherwise) the first time...
That is one sikhening pun.
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