Saturday, May 13, 2006

Speaking of an Unspeakable Ménage à Trois

(I originally posted a version of this in the comments over at Mia Culpa, but what the hell.)

"Jeez, Jebby—her ass looks so tight, I bet I could bounce quarters off it."

"You have, George. You have."

"Really? I don't remember that."

"I'll add that to the list of things you don't remember, George." *wink*

"Why are you guys talking about me like I'm not even here?"

"Aw, c'mon, missy—don't pretend like you don't like it." *smirk*

where is george's wedding ring ??
Jeez, I didn't even notice that! Maybe Harris managed to palm it while she was gazing deeply into his eyes looking for evidence of a soul.
Katie: "That's as creepy as Willem Dafoe's hand on my ass."
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